Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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Free Comedy at Houston Improv – Wednesdays Open Mic Night

Check out the NEW FACES OF COMEDY on free comedy night at the Houston Improv featuring comedians from HBO, Comedy Central, and the break room at your job. Open Mic Night! No drink minimum! 18 and up! There’s a new hot spot on Wednesdays, and it’s smack dab in the middle of town at your favorite comedy club, The Houston Improv! We’re so excited to introduce this show, for the true fans of stand-up comedy!

free-comedy-houstonWhat’s the catch to this free comedy? Not everyone on this show is a professional comic, some are just starting out. You know how you love to watch the first couple episodes of American Idol where you don’t know what to expect from the performers? That’s exactly the kind of show this is, live and in person! You and your friends can try being a stand-up comic in our showroom, or you can sit back and enjoy the show with our drink specials! Also on this show expect to see local and out of town professionals from COMEDY CENTRAL, HBO, LAST COMIC STANDING, THE TONIGHT SHOW, DEF COMEDY JAM and THE MONTREAL COMEDY FESTIVAL trying out new material, or bringing their A-game to impress talent scouts! You never know who’s going to drop in here, at the premiere definitive open-mic of the Gulf Coast, NEW FACES OF COMEDY!

Seating starts at 7pm, the show starts at 8pm in the showroom upstairs!

Houston Improv
7620 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 333-8800

The List is up! Performers arrive by 7:30pm and meet at the UNDERBAR downstairs.

1st Host: Russell Simek (6 minutes)
(3 mins)James Owens
(5 mins)Donnie Johnson
(3 mins)Isadore B
(5 mins)Alan Adams
(3 mins)Ush
(5 mins) John Gard
(3 mins) James Ridgway
(5 mins)Chase Durousseau
(3 mins) Jay Bringle
(3 mins) Kevin Ford
(5 mins) Bob Biggerstaff

2nd Host: Danny Rios (6 minutes)
(3 mins) Shinji Hamada
(5 mins) Slade Ham
(3 mins)Darnon DeFrance
(5 mins) Owen Dunn
(3 mins) Craig Willie Brinker
(5 mins) Ted Vincent
(3 mins) Mario Saenz
(5 mins) Rob Mungle
(3 mins) Michael Priest
(5 mins) Carolyn Agnew

Standby List (if another comic misses the 7:30 roll call, one of these may get to go up):
Nathan Hosey, Gerald Torregosa, Dave Evans


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