Friday, January 22, 2021

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Free Family Movie JUMANJI in Houston

Free screening! Save your spot in the theater by buying a $5 food and beverage voucher. 

When two kids innocently sit down to play the jungle-set board game, Jumanji. What they don’t know is that this is a magic game and the two inadvertanly release a man (Robin Williams) who has been trapped in the game since he was a boy 26 years ago. But soon after his arrival from the game into the real world he is forced to play again. This time, though, the game sets the creatures of the jungle loose on the city. Now it is up to them to stop the animals from causing mayhem and get them back in the movie jumanji


DIRECTOR Joe Johnston
YEAR 1995
STARRING Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt & Kirsten Dunst
RUN TIME 104min
AGE POLICY All Ages will be allowed at all screenings of this show.


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